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Psalms 100 -
Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.

Where Two or More Are Gathered Together
Straight Up Green

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Set One
1. Sound Check
2. Opening Prayer
3. Psalms 36 1
4. Bonnie
5. Here I Am
6. Swing Low 2
7. Jump Dance
Set Two
8. Opening Prayer
9. This Is The Day
10. Convinced
11. Playin' A Fool
12 Pardon My Innocence
Holy Ground 3/Hope To Carry 4

1 - Third Day 2 - Dog Named David 3 - David Shirk 4 - Rich Mullins

On September 23, 2000 a little church at the base of Redtop Mountain in Acworth, Georgia decided to use the 11 acres God had blessed them with to host an all-day outdoor Christian music festival. The style of music would range from Contemporary to Bluegrass and anything else that would lift praise to The Lord. Straight Up Green performed two sets, one in the morning and one in the evening. This CD is a recording of those sets. Their drummer was unable to make the event, thus lending towards a “unplugged” or “story teller” feeling that day. This is a PA soundboard recording, using inferior quality cassette tapes. The Band was also unaware that they were being recorded, there were some technical difficulties, and it did rain some that day. Despite all these problems a wonderful performance was given, hearts were moved and The Lord was praised

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