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Psalms 100 -
Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.

Legal Notice
No - Not Really

OK, here is the skinny on this site in my own words:

This is NOT a music site to sell music.  I made it as a parody of other sites that actually sell CDs.  I am not selling, and will not be selling anything from this site.

I am fanatic music fan.  I love to follow performers around and record them for my own enjoyment.  I also have made friends on the internet who are musically gifted.  I myself have no musical talent to speak of, but do like to dabble with computer graphics and design covers for CDs I make from these recordings.  This site is a combination of all this and more.

This site can be considered an fan site of the various people I have made contact with in my journeys.  I have taken the recordings I obtained and designed covers for the CDs I made.  The mp3 files here are posted with the permission of the musicians.  If the mp3s are not here that means I have not received permission to post them.  The cover art that can be seen has been designed by myself.

I am making no profit from this site and am asking nothing in exchange for downloading these files.  If you are one of the musicians here and you do not want these files up, or if you in anyway own the rights to lyrics or music of any of these songs and would like the files removed, please ask.  I guarantee that I will remove the files ASAP, there is no need to get a lawyer involved.

If you enjoy the music you hear here please support them by purchasing their albums, attending their concerts and booking them at your events.  I promise that the music you get from them will be of much better quality that what you get here.






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Legal Notice PLEASE READ!