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Psalms 100 -
Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.

Authorized Bootleg
David Payton

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1. “I’m Not Finger Syncin”
2. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
3. I Wouldn't Miss It
4. Wayfaring Stranger
5. All That I Can Do
6. “A Little Pickin”
7. I Got Wise
8. Palm Of My Hand
9. He Is The Love
10. Pharaoh Pharaoh
11. Have A Little Talk With Jesus
Amazing Grace In The Style Of:
12. Elvis
13. The Beatles
14. The Beach Boys
15. Jimi Hendrix
16. ZZ Top
17. Led Zepplin
18. The Bee Gees
19. Stevie Wonder
20. Robert Palmer
21. Nirvana
22. The Eagles
23. Lynard Skynard
24. Heaven Is Where I'll Go
25. I Surrender All
36. More

On September 23, 2000 a little church at the base of Redtop Mountain in Acworth, Georgia decided to use the 11 acres God had blessed them with to host an all-day outdoor Christian music festival. The style of music would range from Contemporary to Bluegrass and anything else that would lift praise to The Lord. David Payton was asked to Emcee the entire 8 hour festival. Showing up with only a few hours of sleep, yet filled with enthusiasm and The Spirit, David entertained and ministered to the crowd between bands. This CD is a collection of his songs, which were interspersed throughout the entire 8 hours. This is a PA soundboard recording, using inferior quality cassette tapes. David was also unaware that he was being recorded, there were some technical difficulties, and it did rain some that day. Despite all these problems a wonderful performance was given, hearts were moved and The Lord was praised.
These Live performances at Glade Road Baptist Church capture some of the real spirit of a live David Payton concert, as well as making available never-before released tracks including the now famous “Amazing Grace Melody.” David has been ministering full time for over 14 years, and is available as a speaker, worship leader and concert artist for churches, youth rallies, festivals, Christian camps and retreats. David specializes in youth ministry but is appropriate for all age groups.

David Payton
5905 Love Street
Austell, GA 30168

© 2000 LordSong
All song arrangements and Instrument performance: David Payton
All Songs written by David Payton (except track 2, 4, 10, 11, 25 and 26)
Sound and Recorded by: Mike Davis
Produced By: -7ater
Distributed by: Rondo Records
Recorded at Glade Road Baptist Church - Acworth, GA - 9/23/00

Technical Notes:

All Tracks are “raw” as Recorded except for the following: All track commentary was edited for time. Track 2 had some electrical static removed. The last second of Track 6 was amplified. The first 18 seconds of Track 11 was amplified. Tracks 15 - 26 were ‘de-clicked” (they got loud!). Tracks 28 - 29 were amplified. On track 29 the cassette being used to record with ended and had to be turned over - about 10 seconds was lost - a “copy and paste” of another part of the song was use to fill in this gap.





2003 -7ater Inc.
Legal Notice PLEASE READ!