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Psalms 100 -
Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.

Featured Albums:
David Payton's first album.  Released in 1991 it is a "blessed" mix of Rock and Blues.  This album contains many original songs that David performs live in concert today.
To hear this album in MP3 format Click Here.  To read lyrics and liner notes Click Here
"I Got Wise"
Artist: David Payton
Label: Refuge Records
Authorized Bootleg: Live At The Glade Road Music Festival 2000 captures the true spirit of a David Payton Concert.  Even though inferior recording techniques were used and David performed off and on for eight hours this is a wonderful rockin' CD.  It includes the now famous "Amazing Grace Medley.  To hear this album in MP3 click here.    
"Authorized Bootleg"
Artist: David Payton
Label: Rondo Records

Special Limited Edition Mini CD EP.  This contains the entire Amazing Grace Medley from the Album "Authorized Bootleg".  To hear these tracks Click Here    
"Amazing Grace Medley"
Artist: David Payton
Label: Rondo Records

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