The Quick Story:
Click on the graphic above to enter the game
click on one of the doors to enter a room and play the game that is inside.
Note:  You will need the latest version of Java, and I have only tested this using Internet Explorer 6.


The longer story:

I was finally able to convert my old Commodore 64 disk over to disk images so I could run them on my Windows PC using an emulator.  After doing this I decided to make a web page showing some of my collection, at the same time enjoying playing some of the old games I wasted so much time with.  I came across probably my most favorite game of all:


The premise of this game, from what I understand, is that you are a lazy hotel worker who has to avoid hotel management staff and a work cart.  You do this by jumping over these objects and ducking into one of 18 rooms.  Most of these rooms have very simple video games in them that you can play and waste some time there.  You only have a certain amount of time on each game to increase you score.  Some of the rooms contain other things (bathroom, broom closet, bar and bedroom).

I had played around with some free java games that programmers had made available to put on peoples websites.  Then I thought.. what if I grouped a bunch of simple games together and made it look like Lazy Jones?  Since I was alone in the room when I said this no one objected and here it is.

I must note that I had nothing to do with any of the games that are here.  I simply downloaded most of the code from The Java Boutique and put the pages together so the theme of Lazy Jones was consistent throughout.

One great thing about this is now you and all your friends have a place you can go and play stupid little games while you are suppose to be working.  Another thing is, unlike a lot of other online games, these apps will not install any spyware on your PC (I HATE SPYWARE!!!)

Now, since you have read all the way to the bottom of these I'll do you a favor.  The "interface" as well as a lot of the games have some very "telling" sounds when the pages are loaded.  So if you are at work you may want to turn off your speakers.

Enjoy Folks!




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