At the end of the 80's and early 90's I started a user group for Commodore Users.  A lot of the users turned out to be people who had bought their C64 from other people who had "upgraded" to a PC.  I ended up being the technical advisor to parents who bought their kids a computer to help with home work or wanted a machine to balance their checkbook.  The majority of these people could not understand why they couldn't install Windows 3.1 that they borrowed from their neighbors on this computer.

These are images of disk that I handed out to the users to show what the computer could really do.  Most of these disk have a menu interface that can be loaded by using the command LOAD"*",8,1 and the RUN.  Some of these menus also loaded a fast loader which does not work with some emulators.  If this is the case load and run either "MENU" or "RELAYER MENU"  Some programs will require true drive emulation.

These disk contain phone numbers and addresses that are no longer valid.  If you would like to contact me please e-mail at

The disk these images came from are old, so their may be some errors even though I tried to test each one.  There is an A side and a B side to each disk.


 -7ater Inc. Sampler

J.O.L. Demo
John Lennon Demo
Tomorrow Never Knows Demo
Rocky Raccoon Demo
Twist And Shout Demo
Star Trek Demo
Space The Final Frontier
Star Trek Slide Show
Color Coded Directory
Name Demo
Ghost Busters Demo
Can't Get No Satisfaction

 -7ater Inc. Pictures

Don' Panic Color
The Beatles
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Wall
Don't Panic
Star Trek
Star Trek Badges
Electra Glide
Cpt. Power
Fantastic Four
Spy Vs Spy
Toy Shop
Strip Poker
Enjured Engine
Cosmic Tunnels
Bruce Lee
Geos Desktop

 The Beatles
J.O.L. Demo
John Lennon Demo
Tomorrow Never Knows Demo
Rocky Raccoon Demo
Twist And Shout Demo
Beatles Songs
Beatles Songs With Pictures

 Inspirational Music
Various Classic and traditional SID songs  

 Mario Brothers
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Strikes Back
Mario's Brewery
Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers
View and Print Mario Pics
Hard Hat Mack
Miner 2049'er
Fast Eddie
Jumpman Jr.
Montezuma's Revenge
Burger Time

Ms. Pack-Man
Bee Keeper
Radar Rat Race
Round About
Time Runner
Mover Boover
Oil's Well
Ground Gobbler
Key Quest 64
A PACalips Now
Money Minefield
Pot Holes
Dragon's Den
Maze Mania
Cross Roads
Maze Master
Dragon Fighter
Killer Drive

 Rock N Roll
Rock And Roll SID Songs
Some with Lyrics
Some With Pictures

 Star Trek 1
Star Trek Arcade Game
Klingon V.2
Pictures Of The Enterprise Crew
Star Trek Music
Star Trek Command
Super Trek
Pictures Of The Enterprise
Digital Player
Star Trek Game
Star Trek Game Instructions
Star Trek Demo

 Star Trek 2
Romulan V 1.A
Star Trek Spacecraft
Cpt. Kirk's Famous Speech
Star Trek Clip Art
Star Trek music
Doomsday Machine
Pictures Of Enterprise Ensignia
Star Trek VIC
Trek VIC
Trektoon VIC
Star Trek V Demo

 User Group Welcome Disk
Welcome Letter
Various Programs
A Collection Of Sid Songs

 The Twilight Zone
Max Sings
Killer Drive
3 Stooges
Fatman Demo
End Sequence
George Bush Demo
Road Pizza
Flash For Fantasy
Theme Song
The Beat Machine
Freddy Krueger
Ancient Realms
Computer Mirror
Saucer Attack
Computer Virus
Starburst Graphics
Computer Cartoon
Enquirer Headers


Monster Xmas Card
Happy Holiday 128
Christmas Bells
Christmas Card
Yuletide Magic
White Christmas
Christmas Magic
Jingle Bells
Silver Bells
The 12 Days Of Christmas
Christmas Jukebox
Huggy Bears Christmas
Santa Clues
Calendar Maker
Snoopy Calendar
Calendar Printer
Mail Manager
Holiday Clipart

The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange