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July 14, 2001





Mr. Alonzoe Fuller

xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx

Acworth, GA xxxxx-xxxx


Re:      Apple Corps Limited/Subafilms Ltd./Alonzoe Fuller


Dear Mr. Fuller:


We represent Apple Corps Limited and the Apple Group of related companies, including Subafilms Ltd. (hereinafter, collectively, "Apple"), which are wholly owned by Messrs. George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Richard Starkey and Mrs. Yoko Ono Lennon.  Please be advised that, among other things, Apple owns and controls The Beatles name and likeness, The Beatles registered trademark and The Beatles distinctive logo; additionally, Apple is the copyright owner of the animated feature film entitled “Yellow Submarine” and of the images featured therein, the photographs taken of The Beatles in connection with the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band record album, several other photographs and images of the Beatles, and the album artwork featured on the various Beatles record albums  (hereinafter, the proprietary material referenced in this sentence will be referred to collectively as “Apple’s Proprietary Material”) .


It has recently come to my clients’ attention that you are hosting a website at which features Apple’s Proprietary Material, without any license or other form of permission to do so.  Please be advised that your posting of this material on your website violates, among other things, the federal Lanham Act, the U.S Copyright Act, common law protections against unfair competition and infringement of rights of publicity.  Additionally,  your website appears to be a vehicle for your blatant trafficking in Beatles bootleg sound recordings, in violation of Section 11 of the U.S. Copyright Act.                         .


Accordingly, we hereby demand the following of you and any person or entity acting in concert with you: (1)  that you immediately remove all of Apple’s Proprietary Material from your website; (2) that you immediately cease all trafficking in Beatles bootleg recordings, and that you remove all links on your web-site to any sites which support the trafficking in Beatles bootleg recordings; (3) that you provide us with all documentation of licenses or other authorizations, if any, by which you claim any right to exploit Apple’s Proprietary Material; and (4) that you set forth a reasonable proposal for compensating Apple for your unauthorized use of Apple’s Proprietary Material.


Please provide a written response to this letter no later than three business days from your receipt hereof.  You are hereby placed on notice that your exploitation of Apple’s Proprietary Material and your trafficking in Beatles bootleg recordings constitute a violation of our clients’ legal and equitable rights for which they will hold you and any person or company acting in concert with you fully accountable.


We reserve all of our clients’ rights and remedies with respect to the subject matter hereof.


Very truly yours,




Amy J. Lippman




cc:        Mr. Neil Aspinall (By Facsimile)

George Kangis, Esq. (By Facsimile)